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Four Signs You Need To Re-Insulate Your Home

Unfortunately, there’s no app that can simply tell you when your home needs to be re-insulated. Until then, you’ll need to look out for signs that may indicate it’s time to consider re-insulating your home.

Here’s what you should look for.

Signs You Need To Re-Insulate Your Home

Your home’s insulation can easily fall into the category “out of sight, out of mind” — but this vital part of your home is the first line of defense when it comes to HVAC efficiency and overall comfort.

Here are the four most common signs you need to re-insulate your home.

1. Your Attic Has Signs of Moisture

If you find signs of water in your attic or ceiling, this may be a sign of an under-insulated home.

Intense heat and high temperatures can cause condensation, allowing moisture to build up and pool in and around the upper levels of your home. This is also the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and mold.

2. Your Heating & Cooling Systems Are Running Constantly

The insulation in your home is designed to regulate and maintain a balanced temperature in your home year-round.

If your AC or heating system seems to be constantly running, or your indoor temperatures seem to change drastically the moment you turn your HVAC system off, odds are your insulation isn’t working as it should.

3. You Notice Uneven Temperatures Between Rooms

In most cases, portions of your insulation will fail before other areas, creating uneven temperatures and drafty areas throughout your home.

For instance, if your living room is freezing but your bedroom feels like a sauna or your kitchen seems incredibly drafty during winter, it’s fair to assume the insulation in these areas could use some help.

4. You’ve Seen an Increase in Energy Costs

Increased energy usage is a great way to gauge the efficiency and performance of your home’s insulation. Comparing the previous year’s utility bills to your current costs is an easy way to check.

Is there an unexplainable increase in usage? Do you seem to be using your heating and cooling system even more to maintain the same temperatures in your home? If so, there’s a good chance your insulation is due for replacement.

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