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Residential & Commercial Fiberglass Insulation

Serving Nederland, Beaumont, and the Greater Golden Triangle of South Texas

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If you need a fiberglass insulation company in Beaumont or Nederland, TX or surrounding areas, Absolute Insulation provides residential and commercial insulation services. We work with homeowners and builders/contractors to install fiberglass insulation in homes and commercial buildings for both retrofit and new construction projects.

Whether you live in Beaumont, Texas or out by the coast in Groves, our fiberglass insulation installation company is eager to assist you with all of your home and commercial insulation needs.

Wondering how much home or commercial insulation will cost you? Request a FREE quote for your fiberglass insulation project in Beaumont or Nederland, Texas by calling (409) 724-0300!

Fiberglass Insulation Installation

Residential & Commercial Fiberglass Insulation Services

Fiberglass has been used to insulate residential and commercial structures for decades, and our team has experience installing both batt and blown-in fiberglass. This type of insulation is made of tiny glass fibers and is often installed in attics but can be used to insulate walls and crawl spaces as well.

Fiberglass insulation can help:

  • Make your home or building more comfortable year round
  • Reduce noises not only from outside your home or building, but also between different rooms and levels inside
  • Improve the performance of your HVAC equipment
  • Contribute to a healthier environment

Is your home or commercial building properly insulated? We can help!

For all of your residential or commercial insulation needs, contact us today.

Insulation for New Construction & Retrofit Projects

At Absolute Insulation, we use fiberglass insulation for retrofit (re-insulation) and new construction projects. We have experience with both commercial and residential insulation projects and can install fiberglass in walls, attics and crawl spaces.

Call (409) 724-0300 or contact us online to schedule home or commercial insulation services in Beaumont or Nederland, TX! 

Our Residential & Commercial Fiberglass Installation Service Area

Absolute Insulation is located in the Beaumont and Nederland, Texas area and services the following locations: Anahuac, Groves, Jasper, Jefferson, Kountze, Lumberton, Nederland, Newton, Orange, Port Arthur and Port Neches.

Fiberglass Insulation FAQs

What are the advantages and disadvantages of fiberglass insulation?


  • Long-lasting
  • Low maintenance
  • Anti-magnetic
  • Fire resistant
  • Food electrical insulator
  • Weatherproof


  • Needs to be re-gel-coated about every five years
  • Begins to lose effectiveness if insulation becomes wet or damp

How long does fiberglass insulation last?

Unless damaged, it can last 80 to 100 years in most houses before it needs to be replaced.

What happens if you touch fiberglass insulation?

Touching the material without proper protection will result in a sharp stinging, burning and itching sensation. This is why it is best to leave the fiberglass installation, replacement, and repair jobs to the insulation professionals.

Where are the best places to put fiberglass insulation?

  • Walls
  • Attics
  • Ceilings with unheated spaces
  • Basement walls
  • Floors above vented crawl spaces
  • Between interior walls
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