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Windows in Anahuac, TX

We don’t often think about the value of windows in our homes. But we should, especially here in Texas. Windows bring natural sunlight into our homes and add earth-friendly warmth on chilly Anahuac winter days.

Your home or commercial property windows are:

  • Convenient – They are “escape valves” for hot air and introduce clean air into our homes. Good IAQ (indoor air quality) is important to all of us, especially now.
  • Efficient – When properly sized, windows prevent drafts.
  • Safe – Windows protect us from the elements while sharing outdoor beauty with us. Certain types of windows can enhance home security.
  • Value-added – Beautiful windows enhance the curb appeal of your home and increase your property value. They are a good investment.

To learn more about increasing your Anahuac property’s value and energy efficiency with attractive, affordable windows, call (409) 724-0300 or contact Absolute Insulation LLC. We serve Chambers, Hardin, Jasper, Jefferson, Newton, and Orange counties.

6 Signs Your Windows Need Replacing

Even if you live on the busiest street in Anahuac, street sounds shouldn’t overwhelm your days and nights. Windows should provide a layer of soundproofing, in addition to other insulation. If your windows are the source of too much noise, they may need to be replaced.

Other signs your windows need replacing include:

  • Condensation – When you see a moisture buildup or frostiness between the layers of windowpanes, you have a broken seal. This means you’re losing energy.
  • Cracked glass – This is the most obvious sign you need a window repair or replacement. Even a small glass crack wastes energy. A cracked window can be dangerous if one of your kids or an elderly loved one stumbles hard into the glass. It’s also a security issue.
  • Difficult to open/close – If your windows “stick” when you open and close them, or if locking them is a challenge, you may need window repair or replacement. Keeping your windows unlocked is a safety issue; don’t do it.
  • Drafts – You feel air movement near your windows when they are closed. It could be caused by poor installation, aging or broken seals, or other issues, but it needs to be addressed. Your HVAC system will work overtime to compensate, and that can lead to an expensive strain on your heating and cooling unit.
  • Visible deterioration – You can see your window frames are chipped and deteriorating. They may even be sagging. If the frames feel soft or damp to the touch, you may have water seepage damage or rot. Window replacement is your best option.
  • Your energy bill keeps increasing – Once you’ve checked your rates, check your windows. Energy-efficient replacement windows can lower your monthly bill.

Absolute Insulation can assess your windows and make recommendations based on the style that works with your architecture (and affordability that works with your budget). Call (409) 724-0300 or contact us today.

Window Styles

What kind of windows will complement your exterior? What styles work with your interior décor? Maybe you need easy-to-clean windows or care most about energy efficiency.

Some popular window styles in Anahuac include:

  • Bay – A lovely picture window flanked by two smaller windows offers hard-to-beat beauty and versatility, inside and out.
  • Bow – We align four or more windows for a dramatic appeal.
  • Double-hung – If you want great ventilation options and the benefits of easy-to-clean windows, these might be for you. Double-hung windows attractively update older architecture.
  • Sliding – These are easy-to-use windows, attractive, and very popular in this area of Texas.

Are you ready to give your home a new look? Let’s discuss your window replacement options! Give us a call: (409) 724-0300 or contact us to plan your project. 

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