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Commercial Fire Doors Throughout Jefferson & Jasper Counties, Texas

Fire Door Installation in Beaumont, Nederland & Surrounding Areas

An uncontained fire can sound the death knell for a business. You have worked hard and invested significant resources into building your business, and seeing all your efforts go up in smoke isn’t something any business owner wants to experience. Fortunately, you don’t have to. Fire doors are an easy-to-install solution that can contain fires and prevent them from spreading. When a fire breaks out, rolling steel doors can be dropped quickly. This allows staff, clients, and contractors to safely exit the property while buying your business time until first responders arrive to extinguish the flames.

What’s Inside a Fire Door

Fire doors can incorporate many types of materials that are designed to retard the spread of fire. These materials include glass, gypsum, vermiculite, steel and aluminum. Most doors are either solid metal or a combination of materials that are designed to maximize thermal resistance. Further, fire doors have specialized hardware and seals that are designed to contain gases, smoke and heat. Through the use of gaskets and weatherstripping, ball-bearing hinges, and smoke seals, fire doors provide an efficient and effective barrier to flames.

Fire doors are not necessarily fireproof. Many are designed and rated to provide thermal protection for a set period of time, under a defined set of conditions. This is because fire doors are not designed to stop fires; they are designed to slow their spread throughout the structure.

For more about the considerations that should go into choosing a fire door, contact Absolute Insulation at (409) 724-0300 for more information about the fire doors we offer. We can help you choose doors that are ideally suited for the structure and operations you need to protect.

Popular Fire Doors

We offer numerous fire doors for our clients in Nederland and Beaumont, TX. One of our most popular is the FireStar® Model 700. This rolling steel fire door is manufactured by Wayne Dalton and is designed to deliver a lifetime of lasting performance. Smooth and quiet, the FireStar® Rolling Fire Door is built to meet NFPA Standard 80. Resilient and reliable, it’s a “go to” option for businesses that value lasting protection.

Amarr is another popular manufacturer of fire doors for businesses in Texas. The Amarr 4200® and Amarr 4500® are designed to deliver 3 to 4 hours of fire protection to your business. Each of these doors is built to the highest quality standards and complies with most fire door requirements established within local building codes.

We invite you to contact Absolute Insulation at (409) 724-0300 for more information about the fire doors we offer. It would be our pleasure to help you select the doors that are best suited to protect your business from the perils of errant flames. 

Choosing the Right Fire Door

It is crucial to select a fire door that is constructed from the right materials. It must also be the appropriate thickness. If the materials are wrong or the door is too thin, then it will not provide sufficient protection. Determining the right door requires considering what chemicals and fuels are present, the building layout and the general construction of the building. These critical factors can determine door success or failure, so you will want to enlist the assistance of a qualified professional when making your decision.

Absolute Insulation—Commercial Fire Door Services Throughout Southeast Texas

At Absolute Insulation, we believe it’s important to make an informed decision when hiring a contractor to work on your home or business. In addition to fire doors, Absolute Insulation offers insulation removal and installationgarage doorswindows, and gutters to best accommodate our neighbors throughout Southeast Texas The team at Absolute Insulation wants to make your life easier and your home or business more comfortable.

Contact Absolute Insulation at (409) 724-0300 to discover the many reasons businesses throughout Nederland and Beaumont, TX depend on our garage doors to keep them safe from threats including storms, break-ins and fires.  

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